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Many companies struggle with the adoption rate and speed of new technology, especially the often mentioned digital transformation. Often, this is because of misalignment in goals and understanding of digitalization between the executives and middle management of the company.

Why is that? We believe it is because many people are afraid for their jobs, for their benefice, their creative power, their freedom or just losing the opportunity to delegate work since they have to work more agile. For many there is a lot too lose. But isn’t that understandable? Don’t we have to take people seriously, especially in their fears, if we really want to realize the much-celebrated digitalization? We believe the needs of humans need to be considered to unleash the full potential of their creativity.
And we need to make sure that the big benefits and efficiencies are better understood and how to share them with the workforce in order to retain great talent. But less well-trained specialists must also be given a chance to participate in the growth and prosperity of digitization. This is usually only possible through corporate education.

The problem is that most of the corporate education today is done via
e-learning courses – and most of them are not exactly fun. Endless learning in front of a screen? On a normal corporate Learning Management System? Not really something many people look forward to.
If it`s scary and no fun, why do companies expect their people to develop further in digitalization?
We realized that. That is why our courses are instructional designed in such a way that the fun remains sublime through short learning portions including instant gratification along the learing journey. Our learning journey are also combined with active learning experiences, so that learning is fun, fun and works in exchange with small learning groups - because learning is always collaborative and always social.

Additionally we always add an “Industrial IoT Expert Mentor” to our learning groups who can accompany small learning groups in their learning journeys and, in addition to the great technical input, ensures that a satisfactory learning transfer is achieved and there is a high return on education (ROE).

By this we offer a truly transformative learning experience - though we are not the only ones worldwide to do this. We believe we sadly remain only a small circle of elite. But hopefully one day more active learning experience become the standard in education. Would you be interested in hearing more?
Well, show me what you got!
Thank you for reaching out! We will get in touch with you shortly.
What this IIoT Learn & Do Sprints makes great & unique!
Comprehensive database with case cases, reports and technology providers
User friendly, modern digital learning app with interactive IIoT trainings
Skilled IIoT Expert Mentors to train the participants via video chat
A sophisticated digital system to evaluate ideas and business models internally
What makes us so different: Our Learn & Do approach
We offer applied inhouse learning. With our Expert Mentors we come to the company and help to generate new ideas and crowd sourced IIoT projects based on world class learning content.
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