First things first:

Digital Mind Set

Worldwide the priority number ONE: companies need the right digital mind-set amongst their employees. The right digital mind-set provides the necessary foundation for the transformation into a company with a digital core.
Error Culture
Embracing technology


Recently, we have been receiving a lot of questions from our customers about additional training in digital awareness, which is why we have decided to include this offer in our range of service. The readiness for change requires an inner drive, an intrinsic will to want to change one's own mind-set. Change management methods can foster this intrinsic will.
Many employees of classic business models lack a digital mind-set, but change is difficult to achieve. But leadership issues can just as well hinder the change from a classic to a digital mind-set. Leadership training can then be used here. New, guided training methods (e.g. "Working Out Loud") are even available across the spectrum and promote digital culture in companies in general.

Three necessary drivers /
dimensions for a successful
digital transformation:



Attitude, beliefs and thoughts about the world and yourself in it
This incl. soft skills e.g. „seing challenges as opportunities“, Stop seeking approval“, „Acknowledge and embrace imperfections“, „Take risks in the company of others” and much more…
Needs to be trained first!


Knowledge, abilities, and experience needed to perform a job.
A skill-set includes soft skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, resilience, etc.
Or hard skills like marketing, programming, Microsoft Office, deep tech, Industrial IoT, etc.


Mainly Usage of software but also methods & practices
e.g. Slack, Jira, Asana, Github
As well as e.g. OKR (Objectives and Key Results), SCRUM, Design Thinking, Motivation 3.0, Agile Management, etc.

Different degrees of
digitization maturity

In mostly all existing companies a broad range from “low digital” competences to “high digital” competences exists – often coexisting more or less peacefully. If development wants to be successfully move into the direction of digitalization it needs to start with the mind-set first,
then over to skill- and tool-set. In general, a development always begins with an improvement in the digital mind-set (one could also speak of an expansion of consciousness). After that, digital skills are usually built up. At the end of the development there is an improved use of digital tools.
Digital Competence
Employees that still lack digital awareness and digital mind-set are offered a mind-set training.
Mind-set trainings should run prior to skill-set trainings
Digitally advanced employees are offered a skill-set training
Transformational training enables a high learning transfer and should run prior to tool-set trainings
Most companies have their tool- sets in place
If employees have gained the right mind-set and skill-set they often are glad to receive advise to complete their tool-set
Digital Competence
Since mostly all states of consciousness exist simultaneously in a company and time is pressing for transformation, companies should analyze the development states of the three sets and offer different people different development programs.
Personalize trainings for different participants
1. Staff Agnostic
2. Course Development
3. Outplay & provision of trainers & coaches

What will you learn?



IoT ONE ACADEMY offers employee digital mind-set development programs.

We do NOT specialize in SOFT SKILLS TRAINING. But we deliver such programs together with partners.

Our partners are among the best-in-class soft skills training and coaching agencies in Europe, Asia & the US.

What we deliver, together with
partners, is:
Measurable and verifiable increase in digital mind-set (i.a. digital awareness & digital mind-set for a connected world)
Assessment of mind-set training or coaching as a digital thought leader of participants and enable measurement of acquired mind-set capabilities
Training & Coaching methods like “Working Out Loud”, “Digital Leadership Journeys”, “Quests-on-the-job”, “Behaviour change”, etc.
Accompanying digital mind set development into skill set development


IoT ONE ACADEMY offers employee skill-set development programs.

We SPECIALIZE in HARD SKILLS TRAINING with a focus on TECH (Industrial IoT) & DEEP TECH (DLT & AI).

Our Employee hard-skills development programs are follow-ups of mind-set Development programs or are delivered to persons identified in the Staff Agnostic evaluation.

What we deliver with our own team is:
Measurable and verifiable increase in digital IIoT skills
Identifying and using IoT solutions to achieve business objectives
Applied learnings that immediately generate viable business opportunities
Conversion of ideas into validated solutions with implementation plans that include operational next steps and resource plans
A 10 weeks program, accompanied by a real trainer in live video coaching for the whole group twice a week


IoT ONE ACADEMY offers employee tool-set development programs.

Many companies already have a wider range of tool-sets in place. We do NOT specialize in TOOL-SET Trainings but we have a small in house team for tool-set training and we enjoy partners with a proven track record for tool-set training.

What we deliver, together with
partners, is:
Specialized tool trainings for company employees
As soon as our trainees have reached a high-performance level in the area of digital mind set and skill set we can deliver tool-set trainings
The training can include tools such as Asana, Jira, Slack, GitHub, but also more common tools such as teams or setting up a Google domain just to name a few.
As a rule, the training of the first two stages needs to been completed for a good adaptation of such a tool-set training.

Who should join the program?

This program is suitable for diverse learners from across multiple industries. But we also have industries we are focusing on. These core target industries of us are:

1. Manufactoring
2. Health / Pharma
3. Real Estate Construction & Buildings Management
4. Transport / Logistics
5. Sustainable Energies
We deliver to most of the departments in companies of the named industries.

What makes us so different:
Our Learn & Do approach

We offer applied in house learning. With our expert mentors we come to the company and help to generate new ideas and crowd sourced IIoT projects based on world class learning content.
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